Another review from a valued customer.

Being a restaurant owner I Learned a long time ago, that when I comes to ovens and stoves Wolf is the only way to go. I use Wolf appliances in my restaurant, and I also use them at home. I have a Wolf dual fuel range and oven and the other day I was using to bake bread when the smoke alarms went off and I ran to the kitchen to find a black charred pile where my bread should be. I shut the Oven down right away. I called up My Appliance Repair Houston. The sent us out a technician to look at it. He examined the Oven and said that we had a faulty Heating Element, and that he brought one with him because he had read the notes the operator who set up the appointment had taken, and he figured that the heating element would need replaced. That made me happy. I gave him the go ahead to fix the Oven, and before you know it he was done. The final bill was very reasonable, and it has been working fine ever since. My Appliance Repair Houston is a great company, and they have great technicians who really seem to know there stuff, and it is really refreshing to see a repairman who comes prepared, and does not have to return on a different day to actually do the repairs. Great job!

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Another great review from a valued customer.

I have an Amana Vent Hood in our beach house down by the Gulf. We have a place down in Surfside and we spend a lot of time down there in the summer. This year we had it closed down for a couple months this winter, and the first time I opened it up for the spring we spent the weekend. We were cooking some dinner Saturday night and we fired up the vent hood to suck up the smoke and fumes from dinner, and immediately we noticed a whiny noise that we never heard before coming from the fan. So I shut it down, and opened the nearest window and turned on a fan. The next day I looked up Appliance repair companies that serviced our area, and I came across My Appliance Repair Houston on the internet. So I gave them a call. I was happy to hear that they serviced our area. I scheduled a day for them to come out two Saturdays from when they called them, because I knew we were planning on spending that weekend at the beach house. The Technician Steve showed up Saturday morning and went to work on the vent hood. Turns out a mouse had crawled up inside the vent hood and left debris in the fan, and that was the noise we were hearing. I asked him if he could just change the fan. The idea of a mouse leaving anything in my fan that hangs above our stove kind of creeped me out. Luckily Steve had brought a fan with him because he had read the notes I gave when I called up, and brought the fan with him just in case he needed it, because he said it was a bit of a drive to get to us. I was so happy I told him to go ahead and replace the fan. He did a great job, and I was so happy he had all of the parts he needed, so we did not have to schedule a second visit. This company is very professional I will definitely call them again in the future, and Steve let me know that they service the area in Houston where I live. So I can give them a call if I have a problem at home also.

Coutesy of Desmond Short

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Tips and tricks for prolonging the life of your washer and dryer.

Appliances can be very expensive, but with a little care and maintenance we can show you how to extend the overall life of your washer and dryer. Most people never take the time to think about appliance maintenance. They simply buy the appliance and when it breaks they either have it repaired or they replace it, but most appliances can last 10x longer if they are provided with regular maintenance. Here are few tips I have learned along the way that should help you prolong the life of your washer and your dryer.

  1. Proper removal of lint:Most people believe that dryers are the only appliance that collects lint in the lint traps and the ducts However, most washing machines also collect lint during the wash cycle and send it spinning down the drain. Maytag washers are also known for collecting lint in the tube found in the middle of the agitator. If this is the case you may need to remove the tube periodically to clean it. Most other washing machines will have a lint filter somewhere on the top of the tub, which you need to slide out, clean off, and reinsert. If you notice that you are having drainage issues in nearby kitchens or bathrooms it could be caused by a backup of lint in the drainage pipes.
  2. Surface cleaning:Cleaning the dust and oils off of the surface of the washing machine and in the crevices is also integral to the longevity of your washer and dryer. Those oils and dust get in the crevices and cause the machine to rust and corrode before its time.
  3. Leveling:Washing machines that are not level, can cause strong vibration that can damage the washing machine by literally rattling all of the screws loose, also wires, and points of solder. These vibrations can also cause this machine to move across the floor, damaging the floor and any objects left around it. You can fix this issue very easily by adjusting the front-leveling legs. You simply make adjustments to the legs adjusting them to a proper height (a bubble level can be very helpful for this) Once the legs have been leveled you can tighten the lock nut.
  4. Keep the inside clean:Once a month, you should clean out all of the attachments and dispensers. You can also clean the surface of the inside of the drums.
  5. Leave the washer door ajar:Unless you are worried about children or pets who might climb inside, it’s a good idea to keep your washer door ajar this lets the drum breathe and allows it to dry this will help prevent unpleasant smells and mildew from forming.
  6. Replace hoses periodically:The hoses that arrived with your new washing machine may not last as long as the machine itself does. It’s just good to get in the practice of checking these hoses periodically for any sign of stress or damages. If the hoses seem worn, replace them. If any of the hoses have a small blister in the, it is usually an early sign that the hose is about to rupture. Manufacturers typically suggest that these hoses be replaced every 5 years.
  7. Do not over dry your clothes:Over drying is not just a waste of energy, but it also reduces the lifespan of your clothes and your appliance.
  8. Make sure your dryer is properly vented:Making sure your dryer is properly vented is not only good for the dryer’s longevity, but also essential for your health and well-being. If a dryer is not properly vented it can begin to build-up an excess of lint this can clog the body and the lint hose causing a release carbon of monoxide into your home where your family lives. Check your vent hose periodically to make sure there aren’t any clogs or snags that can cause the vent hose to become clogged, this can carbon monoxide in your home, or possibly a lint fire.
  9. Prepare for vacations or inclement weather:Make sure the water supply is turned off and the washer and dryer are unplugged before you leave town. It will prevent any accidental flooding while you’re away. This can prevent flooding in the event something breaks while you are away.
  10. Be aware of changes in the weather and prepare for your climate: If you live in areas where there is snow and cold weather make sure your pipes are adequately insulated and apply heat tape where ever necessary to prevent pipes from freezing. This can prevent burst pipes that could cause thousands of dollars in water damage
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How to get along with your refrigeration service provider???

We all need to store things in refrigeration; especially the food items which are highly perishable in nature. Therefore, any lapse on refrigeration will spell disaster with surety. Have you kept your refrigeration system/s on check??? If not so far, it’s the high time that you check before it’s too late.

But, the problem is you can’t take care of them all on your own. After all, a jack of all is master of none!!! Hence you need to hire services from the experts who know this job of refrigeration well. How to go about hiring your refrigeration partner then???

Well, this selection process of your refrigeration partner involves quite a few steps which aren’t really easy to deal with. Knowledge is power to you. As such you must know how to go about selecting your refrigeration partner.

Points to ponder for selecting your refrigeration partner:

01. At the outset you go about enlisting the refrigeration appliances repair companies or individuals in your locality.

02. You then start ranking them in terms of their reputation in your area alongside others such as their turnaround timing, response timing and reliability. These will summarily let you know exactly how many options you can try with at the time of crisis for a quick resolution of the issue in hand. Here reliability of the service provider is very important as you can’t afford to take everyone inside your house for security threats and others.

03. Check about their (the selected service providers based on reputation, turnaround timing, response timing and reliability) service charges as well. Because, you as a family man/woman have to work within a budget.

04. Check for inherent flaws in their service agreements such as whether they would be charging you while visiting your place for a survey and estimation. Costs like this matter most if you are to work within a budget.

05. Whether the refrigeration service provider is easily accessible or NOT.

06. You now have a clear picture on the refrigeration service providers in your locality fitting into your bill for the purpose.

The list above however is NOT exhaustive since you as an individual may have a specific purpose or two in mind while going through the selection process for your coveted refrigeration service provider. But, whatever you do you should ideally look for the local hands which work as a stitch in time that saves nine. You never know when exigency knocks your door!!!

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Dishwasher Disasters.

Things that make life easier and save our time are really valuable today when time seems to be more important than ever. If we know that almost that almost 25% of the time we spent on housework every day is spend on manual cleaning of dishes then it’s no wonder why dishwashers today have become an essential part of almost every household. There are many advantages of using dishwashers compared to manual washing – dishwashers save water and electricity, they save time and you can be sure that your dishes are properly and thoroughly cleaned. Modern technology has allowed production of high-quality dishwashers that usually last for years, but the truth is that these appliances can become defective and break down especially after the manufacturer’s warranty period has passed.

Once this warranty is over many people decide to buy a new dishwasher, but unfortunately this is not an option for many families because dishwashers like most kitchen appliances are usually expensive. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this in case the appliance is working fine. But, many people ignore the signs of malfunctioning and choose to use the machine until it finally stops working. This is completely wrong not only because the dishwasher will be much harder to repair once it completely stops working, but also because it is potentially dangerous to use a machine like that. It is very important to check every odd noise or even the slightest problem with your dishwasher because this can be sign of some more serious problem.

For example, one very common problem is a leaking dishwasher. Although this may sound harmless to many people, it is a fact that these leaks can be a slipping hazard and on top of that they can cause rotting of the floor which can lead to even more serious hazards (hazardous mold, development of bacteria etc.). If there is a problem with the pipes and tubes and they are stuck this can lead to a flood. This situation can be easily noticed – the dishes are not washed in a proper way. Leaks usually appear on the door of the device. If the door lock is broken or damaged, it can easily fall off during the cleaning process and those near the dishwasher risk leg injuries. Furthermore, there are dozens of cases of fire caused by dishwashers every year. Almost all of the people using these machines have noticed some irregularities in the way their machines worked before the fire occurred. We don’t have to mention how dangerous fires can be.

These are only some of the hazards that faulty units bring. In order to avoid them, you should take care of the maintenance of your unit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Never use the dishwasher in a way that you are not supposed to. In case you notice any kind of unusual noise or some kind of problems with your dishwasher it is the best idea to call a professional service to check and fix it.

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The Essense of a Bad Dishwasher

Did you ever notice your dishwasher has a tendency to not clean and work like it use to? There are a whole host of reasons for this but primarily you may just need a standard service repair and mechanical cleaning by one of our experts. Common problems like clogging, a broken wash spinner, or a faulty detergent tray can leave your dishes with gunk and at times even leave left over odors. These residues can even be harmful as in some cases your dishwasher may not be reaching the necessary temperatures to kill foul bacteria as well as properly wash away chemicals. Cups and plastic containers that taste of soaps, sauces, or molten plastic are a health hazard and such a problem should be dealt with immediately.

broken dishwasher

However, our service repairmen have the necessary tools, equipment, and knowledge to test and fix your dishwasher if you believe it is not working correctly. Do not take any risks with your health or your child’s well being. Give us a call and we’ll be able to give you a full assessment. Our technicians oftentimes have the necessary parts on their truck to complete the job on the first visit!

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My Appliance Repair Houston

My Appliance Repair Houston

is the internet’s leading appliance repair and service company. We do Appliance Repair, cooktop repair, dishwasher repair, dryer repair, freezer repair, garbage disposal repair, ice maker repair, ice machine repair, oven repair, range repair, refrigerator repair, stove repair, trash compactor repair, under counter repair, vent hood repair, washer repair, wine cooler repair as well as many other types of repair for every major brand of appliance.

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